About CFP

We are CFP and this is what makes us unique 

We are an incredibly ambitious organisation and our infectious energy drives everything we do. We’re a team of forward-facing fundraising specialists who have an unwavering common vision to increase the scope and representation of charitable gaming within the UK.   

We’ve been in the game for a long time. In fact, we’ve just turned 40 years young and we’re as fresh and innovative as ever.  We’ve spent (literally) decades launching and growing raffles and lotteries for non-profit organisations alongside our response handling and strategy services.  Our position is unique. We occupy the middle ground between that of a dynamic agency who provides strategic thinking and creative prowess – and – a robust, process driven, operationally minded External Lottery Manager.  The two types of organisation have never come together before and so our client relationships, breadth of knowledge and capability are unique. But so what?

Well this approach enables our clients to realise their aspirations faster, more efficiently and cost effectively.  Our experience spans the spectrum of fundraising ensuring the wider objectives of the charity are considered, designing programmes that compliment cross sell to and from other cash and regular giving products, maximising life-time value at every stage and keeping our eye on the link to legacy.